The Deepsky: Lists

The Deepsky Lists Logs Deepsky reports Top-100 Binocular objects

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1. The Messier objects

The first list is an observation list of the 110 Messier objects. The objects are listed by ascending RA (right ascension).
The list contains the following data: Constellation, Messier number, NGC number, Type of object, RA (right ascension), DEC (declination), size in arc minutes, position angle, number of stars, brightest star, visual magnitude, surface brightness.

Most data are extracted from "The Night Sky Observers Guide by Kepple and Sanner. The Position angles are extracted from "TheSky for Macintosh", a desktop planetarium by software Bisque.

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The list is also available, on request, as an excel-file.

2. The open clusters for observers on the Northern Hemisphere

Angelika Gruner and Uwe Pilz, two observers from Germany, made these lists. You can visit their site at Uwe Pilz: Hobby Astronomie. There are two lists. One list contains about 200 clusters that have been seen with 5 to 6 inch telescopes under dark skies. With 8 to 10 inch they are visible from a suburban site.
The second list contains about 498 clusters that can be observed from the Northern hemisphere. The objects are listed by ascending RA (right ascension). Pick any 300, 400 or the whole list as an observing target. You will need a real big telescope!

The lists contain the following data:
Catalogue number, Constellation, RA (right ascension), DEC (declination), vMag (visual magnitude and the CLASS (Trumpler classification).

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These lists are, by courtesy of Uwe Pilz, also available as excel-files.

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