Astronomy book reviews

Book reviews

On these pages you will find some reviews of books I own, and which I would like to recommend to you. The problem with reviews is that mostly they are more or less biased due to the personal preferences of the reviewer.
However, the main objective is to give you an idea of what the books are about. If the author and/or publisher granted me permission, some sample pages (or screen dumps) are included.

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If you have any questions or want more information about a specific astronomy book discussed in this section, please feel free to ask.

The Practical Astronomer's Deep-Sky Companion

By Jess K. Gilmour

Objects in the Heavens

Objects in the heavens

by Peter Birren

Deep Sky Observing, The Astronomical Tourist

by Steven R. Coe


by Robert Garfinkle

The Deep Sky, an Introduction

The Deep Sky, An Introduction

By Philip S. Harrington

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