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Celestron Polarizing filter set

As a lunar observer, I like to get as much contrast as possible in the lunar image. I used to observe the moon with a greenish lunar filter or with a neutral density filter. What I didn’t like from the first, is that it produces a green image of the Moon. The second filter only let’s through a certain percentage of transmitted light, and is useful only at certain magnifications.

Last year I bought the Celestron Polarizing filter set, a set of two filters that thread into the eyepiece. The set has two advantages compared to the ordinary lunar filter and neutral density filter:

  • The Celestron Polarizing filter set does not affect the color of the object you observe;

  • When you use the two polarizing filters of the set together, you can vary the degree of transmission. They function as a continuously variable neutral density filter, and therefore the Celestron polarizing filter set can be used in combination with every eyepiece (and magnification).

This filter set is not only useful for lunar observing, it is also very useful for observing the planets and bright double stars. It is definitely the filter that I use the most. Anyway, if you like to observe the moon, get the Celestron Polarizing filter set. You won’t regret it.

Check the webiste of Celestron for more information on Celestron Polarizing filter set and other Celestron filters.

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