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March 8, 2003: Planetary obsering log Jupiter and M44

On march 6th 2003 at 21.00 GMT I've been observing Jupiter and M44 with my 7x50 Bresser Binocular and the SkyWindow. In the 6 degree field, M 44 was beautifully framed by Asellus Australis (top left) Asellus Borealis (bottom left) , 31 theta Cancri (top right) and 33 eta Cancri (bottom right). Just outside the rectangular formed by these four stars, Jupiter was visible in the eastern to southeastern direction at the edge of the field of view.

I could detect two of it's moons, Ganymedes and Callisto. Io was to close to the planet to detect through my 7x50. I could detect stars of approx. the 8th magnitude. On my drawing (rough sketch, not edited) I included the central stars of M44 which were easliy visible. Not all faint stars heve been included in the sketch! All in all it was a really beautiful sight.

Jupiter M44