The Sun Solar System: the Moon Planets observing logs

June 8th, 2004; Venus transit

Today around 4.30 UT we (some members of the local astronomy club) gathered to view the Venus transit 2004. The weather was just perfect. We have watched and recorded the Venus transit with several telescopes, binoculars and cameras. These images should give you a first impression of our 8 hour session. Later I hope to publish a more detailed report. All the images where made with a Nikon Coolpix 4500. The images of Venus were made with a TAL 200K 8-inch f/10 Klevtzov Cassegrain with a full aperture filter made from Baader Solar Screen. The Coolpix 4500 was connected to the telescope using a Vixen 25mm Lanthanum eyepiece and a Vixen Digital Camera Adaptor. I also used a Baader IR/UV filter and a Baader Contrast Booster on all the transit images (nrs. 5 through 10).

1. At 5:00 UT we where ready to go.

2. At 5:15 UT everybody started to get a little nervous. All telescopes were pointing towards the Sun

3. Even the big binoculars where ready.....

4. and the camcorder too!

5. And there it was, Venus creeping into view. This image was shot at 5:24 UT

6. Time 5.38 UT, about 1 minute before second contact.

7. Venus on it's way to mid transit.

8. This shot was taken at 8.29 UT, a few minutes after mid-transit.

9. Venus moves towards the edge of the Sun's disk, just before third contact (11:03 UT)

10. At 11:15 UT the Venus transit is almost over, just 8 minutes before 4th contact.

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